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EclipseCon: Tele-conferencing

I could not attend EclipseCon this year.  I was fortunate to attend the past 4 years. It’s a great conference and I’ve been following the blogs to capture the news.

I’m enjoying the thoroughness of Mark Cappel’s session-by-session blog. Thanks Mark.

If you can’t attend, most of the tutorial and session slides are available online. In fact, they are there for all the previous years as well.


Essential Eclipse Plugins: Grep Console

This week I’ve been debugging a rather hairy problem, and one of the few tools at my disposal was to add debug logging to the code.

That’s where Grep Console–a tiny but mighty Eclipse plug-in– came to my rescue. Grep console allows several regular expressions to be defined in the Eclipse console, highlighting the matching lines for easy reading.

I defined an initial regular expression to narrow in on some specific logging output related to the problem. After running the offending program, I could quickly scroll to potential problems in the thousands of lines of logging. From this logging I created an additional regexp of a different color containing the pointer value of interest.   This reduced the time to parse huge amounts of logging in search of a specific pointer value.

The one feature I was wishing for was the ability to jump to the next selected regular expression.  Even without it, this plug-in does one thing and does it well.