Essential Eclipse Plugins: Grep Console

This week I’ve been debugging a rather hairy problem, and one of the few tools at my disposal was to add debug logging to the code.

That’s where Grep Console–a tiny but mighty Eclipse plug-in– came to my rescue. Grep console allows several regular expressions to be defined in the Eclipse console, highlighting the matching lines for easy reading.

I defined an initial regular expression to narrow in on some specific logging output related to the problem. After running the offending program, I could quickly scroll to potential problems in the thousands of lines of logging. From this logging I created an additional regexp of a different color containing the pointer value of interest.   This reduced the time to parse huge amounts of logging in search of a specific pointer value.

The one feature I was wishing for was the ability to jump to the next selected regular expression.  Even without it, this plug-in does one thing and does it well.


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