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Adding and Updating Copyrights from Eclipse

Today I needed to add and update the copyrights in a large codebase. I realized that there must be some tool to do this inside Eclipse. Sure enough, the Release Engineering folks have such a script.

To download it:

  1. Select Help / Software Updates / Available Software, choose Eclipse Project Updates / Eclipse SDK I2008* / Eclipse Releng Tools.
  2. (I’m using Eclipse 3.4.2, so 3.5 users may find it elsewhere.)
  3. Install this tool and restart.

Configuring Copyright

To use the tool:

  1. Configure your copyright settings under Window / Preferences / Copyright Tool.
  2. Change to Resource Perspective
  3. Select the projects you wish to modify, and select the “Advanced Fix Copyrights” context menu.

Note: There is also a “Fix Copyrights…” menu option but this never worked and I’m not sure what it is for.