Adding and Updating Copyrights from Eclipse

Today I needed to add and update the copyrights in a large codebase. I realized that there must be some tool to do this inside Eclipse. Sure enough, the Release Engineering folks have such a script.

To download it:

  1. Select Help / Software Updates / Available Software, choose Eclipse Project Updates / Eclipse SDK I2008* / Eclipse Releng Tools.
  2. (I’m using Eclipse 3.4.2, so 3.5 users may find it elsewhere.)
  3. Install this tool and restart.

Configuring Copyright

To use the tool:

  1. Configure your copyright settings under Window / Preferences / Copyright Tool.
  2. Change to Resource Perspective
  3. Select the projects you wish to modify, and select the “Advanced Fix Copyrights” context menu.

Note: There is also a “Fix Copyrights…” menu option but this never worked and I’m not sure what it is for.


8 comments so far

  1. Eugene Kuleshov on

    How about per-project copyright settings?

    • Scott Kellicker on

      Unfortunately, the RelEng tool is pretty narrow in its focus.

      It only allows one global copyright definition defined in the prefs.

      It’s also not so flexible in the date format. I would prefer “2007-2009” instead of “2007, 2009” format.

  2. Chris Aniszczyk on

    You guys can always contribute a patch 🙂

  3. Maarten on

    If I remember correctly (my wife used to work in IP licensing) the date format is that way by legal reasons: stating a range 2007-2009 makes it void, you have to explicitly state every year you claim copyrightable changes for.

  4. Scott Kellicker on

    Hmm, I don’t know. I’ve had different companies require different formats. The most recent requires the dash.

    Thanks, I’ll be looking into it for my own work.

  5. Eric Wuillai on

    There is also Copyright Wizard (see in EPC in Code Management section).
    Differents copyright headers can be defined in the Eclipse preferences. The user has the possibility when applying a copyright to modify the selected text or provide a full new custom text. There is also possibility to define per-project copyright settings, that are saved in the project metadata, then stored in the RCS.

  6. Scott Kellicker on

    Thanks Eric. The link to the copyright wizard in EPIC is:

    I’ve never tried it, but the features list is impressive.

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