Recommendations for UML tool for Eclipse?

I’ve been searching the web this morning looking for an easy to use UML tool that I can use inside Eclipse.

There are quite a few on Eclipse Marketplace.  Before I narrow down my list, I thought I would ask the community for recommendations.

The use case is that I am reading through a very large code base (millions of LOC) and need to document some key interactions with sequence diagrams.

  • Sequence diagrams are top priority
  • Class diagrams are second priority.
  • I want to create a conceptual diagrams.  For example, I want to quickly pick and choose which object interactions to show in the sequence diagram.  Or which attributes and methods to show in the class diagrams.
  • I definitely don’t want to have to populate a full UML2 model.
  • It needs to be easy and quick to create a sequence diagram.  I stopped using Visio years ago because it took forever to populate and lay everything out.
  • It needs to output some format that I can post to a webpage such as png.
  • It needs to be $0-$100.

What tools do you like and why?

Update: Thanks for the suggestions.  I’m going to look into them and share what I find.  I’ve written about the tool I decided to use here.


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  1. gsson on

    Have you looked at Topcased?

    You can create full models, but I don’t think you have to, although it’s been ages since I last tried it. FLOSS+Eclipse

  2. Todd on

    MyEclipse UML can automatically generate sequence diagrams (or class diagrams) based on your Java code on a class-by-class basis. You can install MyEclipse UML by itself into any Eclipse install using either the update site or through Pulse. Price will be $60, since it requires a MyEclipse Pro subscription for use after the 30-day free trial. Of course that gets you access to all the MyEclipse Pro tools, not just UML (need a profiler too?).

    MyEclipse update site:

  3. Jordi Cabot on

    A list of Eclipse UML2 compatible tools can be found here:

    Among them, I’d recommend papyrus or Moskitt

  4. Lars Vogel on

    UML2 Tools are completely free. Here a little intro:

  5. magomarcelo on

    umlet or violet uml, all the rest installs unnecessary bloat

  6. Javier Cano on

    I recommend using MOSKitt
    It’s open source and free to use.
    It has good initializers that you can use to populate diagrams from existing models allowing you to choose exactly which elements you want in your diagram, be it a sequence diagram or a class diagram.

  7. Hans on

    Why don’t you use Enterprise Architect, take a look onto, free trial available.
    Plugin for eclipse too.
    You will be surprised about the huge functionality and intuitive interface.

    • Scott Kellicker on

      Thanks. Unfortunately it doesn’t meet my price requirement nor my ‘quick and easy UML’ requirement.

      (The pricing guide on the website doesn’t meet the ‘quick and easy’ requirement: 10 different functionality/licensing flavors!)

      It may be great for someone who wants to create a full UML model, but it’s too much for what I’m looking for.

  8. […] going to take a look at some of these in more detail to see if one of them solves the problem  I identfied in the previous post.  I will report back what I […]

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