Senior Eclipse UI Developer Needed (Los Angeles)

I’m helping some colleagues find candidates for a senior UI developer at a Los Angeles based company.  Those with Eclipse UI or some other substantial UI experience would make great candidates.

The position requires the person to be in LA or to relocate to LA.

Please send your resume to scott dot kellicker at acm dot org.  (For full disclosure, I will receive a referral fee if you are hired.)

• Experience in a front-end java development role at a commercial software company.
• Excellent understanding of core Java and web technology: J2SE, application servers and Spring
• Great experience in Java frontend technology (from templating languages to test automation)
• Good knowledge of front end technologies like CSS, HTML, JavaScript
• Excitement for the latest trends in web applications
• Superior creative and innovative problem-solving skills
• Initiative and the ability to work independently and in a team
• 3 years in front-end java development of commercially released software

Preferred skills
• Experience with JQuery, JSON, SWING, AWT, 2D, HTML5
• Experience with Agile/SCRUM/Lean software development
• Keen to learn more about new languages and frameworks
• Some experience with mobile development is preferable


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