Tip: Eclipse Slowness/Locking when “Installing Software”

This may fall into the category of something everyone else already knows and I discovered it today.

I had an experience today when trying to install the PDE Visualization component (Update site) into Eclipse 3.6.

P2 just stayed at 5% complete.  I waited.  Made a coffee.  Waited some more.  It never progressed in 15 minutes.

Thinking I had some odd combination of dependencies and P2 was choking on resolving them, I tried to install another component.  Same result.

Then I noticed the checkbox at the bottom: “Contact all update sites during install…”.   I tried to install with this unchecked, and it quickly told me that the PDE Visualization component required draw2d.  So i”Contact All” must be checked to pull dependencies from Eclipse update site.

Hmm, I wonder how many update sites it’s trying to contact?  So I clicked on “Available Update Sites” at the top of the page, and there were 50 or so sites.  Over 20 of them were checked.  Some I knew were unreachable because they were on my corporate network and I wasn’t connected.

So I cleaned up my list of update sites.  Removed those I didn’t need, and most importantly unchecked those that I didn’t want to connect to on a regular basis.  I had only 4 checked when I tried it again.  Fast install.  Problem Solved!

Why did I have so many?  I think its because when I migrated from Eclipse 3.5 to 3.6, I exported my update sites and re-imported them into Eclipse 3.6.


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