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Did a little research today on Online IDEs.  I’ve been thinking a bit how this would change the developer workflow– continuous integration, common build targets, continuous deployment,etc.  Still revising my thoughts.

Thought it useful to share links I’ve found interesting.  (And helpful to me later).  Will update as I find more.

General Articles:


Future of IDEs (Not Necessarily Web Based IDE)

Mozilla Skywriter (formerly Bespin), online JavaScript editor

Existing Products that aren’t really IDEs– just web based place to enter code and compile it.



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  1. Paul on

    You might wanna have a look at Nodify:

    “Nodify is a web-based IDE for creating and testing JavaScript programs on NodeJS. You can already edit and save your programming projects, using the on-screen Bespin editor that provides syntax highlighting and natural keyboard shortcuts. Executing your project is performed by clicking ‘Run’. After the execution is finished, the console will be displayed containing the program’s output. If the program is a server or enters an infinite loop, it will be killed after 5 minutes, but you can terminate its execution by clicking ‘Stop’. You may also start a debugging session by clicking ‘Debug’, though do note that it requires using Google Chrome as your browser. Currently projects are single-file, but soon you will be able to have multiple files per project. You may create multiple projects, rename or delete them using the links on top of the screen. You don’t need to create an account to use Nodify, a unique user account is created and stored in a cookie in your browser. Currently, if you browse the service from a different browser you will create a new user account.”

  2. […] Online IDEs: Links […]

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