The blog

I’ve been developing Eclipse based applications for 7 years.  In that time I’ve gathered knowledge about some of the intricacies of building commercial applications with Eclipse.

I have found the Eclipse community and technology great to work with.

I plan to share some of my knowledge and enthusiasm for Eclipse on this blog.

Eclipse Experience

I was architect and lead developer for ITT Visual Information System’s IDL Workbench, an IDE based on Eclipse.  I specified the product features, designed and implemented the interaction between the workbench and the underlying IDL language, designed the plug-in architecture, wrote the debugger, wrote initial implementations of the editor and coding tools, and set up the nightly PDE builds and unit testing.

I’m currently working on television authoring and simulation tools, such as the XDK.  My primary Eclipse work has been designing and developing a plug-in framework that several TV authoring tools sit on top of.   I am also involved in many non-Eclipse areas such as interactive television technologies EBIF and OCAP.

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