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Online IDEs: Links

Did a little research today on Online IDEs.  I’ve been thinking a bit how this would change the developer workflow– continuous integration, common build targets, continuous deployment,etc.  Still revising my thoughts.

Thought it useful to share links I’ve found interesting.  (And helpful to me later).  Will update as I find more.

General Articles:


Future of IDEs (Not Necessarily Web Based IDE)

Mozilla Skywriter (formerly Bespin), online JavaScript editor

Existing Products that aren’t really IDEs– just web based place to enter code and compile it.



Tim O’Reilly, Cloud Computing Keynote

This isn’t necessarily an Eclipse-specific post.    I’m trying to expand my desktop/IDE-centric worldview a bit, and thought other tools developers might find this interesting.

Also, I enjoy listening to Tim O’Reilly.   His talk encompasses Cloud Computing, Open Source Software, Open Data, and tools for using/sharing Open Data. As a tools developer, I found it thought-provoking.